5 Celebrities that Own a Fiat

FIAT knows how to throw a good party. An estimated 100,000 people celebrated the launch of the new Fiat 500 (known to Italians as the Cinquecento) in Turin on July 4th. The company flew in 7,000 people from 63 countries, including some 4,000 car dealers, 1,000 journalists and 100 financial analysts. Eight government ministers and assorted celebrities attended a show choreographed by Marco Balich, the creative director of the Winter Olympics in Turin. The car was displayed in the main squares of 30 Italian cities.

The Italian company seems to have officially infiltrated the Hollywood scene.  Here is a list of the top 5 celebrities that are are proud owners of a Fiat:

5.  Jodie Kidd

Jodie Kidd drives a fiat

4. Bar Rafaeli

Bar Rafaeli drives a fiat

3. Jay Leno

  Jay Leno drives a fiat

2. Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen Drives a Fiat

1. Jennifer Lopez



Jodie Kidd drives a fiat



Arish Dubash Profile Picture  Posted by: Arish Dubash

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